Adding links to articles

Usually the link in the address bar for an article is a temporary link, which means it will stop working after a short period of time. Instead, you should look for a "stable URL" or "permalink."

EbscoHost databases

Most of our databases are EbscoHost databases (including ATLA, PsycInfo, and ERIC). In the description of the article, look on the right for "Permalink."

This link includes the proxy prefix which will allow off-campus students to log in to see the article.

Close-up view:


In JSTOR, look for the link that says "Stable URL."

This link will work from on-campus. Off-campus students will need to go through a few steps to find our library's log-in. To make a more direct link for off-campus students, you can add the proxy prefix to the beginning of the JSTOR address.

Proxy prefix:

Example with it added to the beginning of JSTOR URL:


If you need any help with this, please contact a reference librarian.